Everyone Is Talking About AI—But Do They Mean the Same Thing? by David Pring-Mill

Singularity Hub quotes Launching Labs in this article about Artificial Intelligence.


In 2017, artificial intelligence attracted $12 billion of VC investment. We are only beginning to discover the usefulness of AI applications. Amazon recently unveiled a brick-and-mortar grocery store that has successfully supplanted cashiers and checkout lines with computer vision, sensors, and deep learning. Between the investment, the press coverage, and the dramatic innovation, “AI” has become a hot buzzword. But does it even exist yet?


We have launched our website!

It has taken a lot of hard work but the Launching Labs website is officially live! Through this website building process we have learned a lot about our partnership and our business.

When a company has a fully functioning website, they have the ability to market and grow. Even if you are a small business, a website is an important calling card and tool to get your name out there.

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