Marketing a Smoke-Free Future by David Pringmill

Phillip Morris Industries (PMI) has invested over 4.5 billion USD in the development of its new products. More than 5 million adult smokers have switched to IQOS from cigarettes. The company currently has two applications pending with the FDA regarding the sale of IQOS and what the company characterizes as modified risk properties.

Mary Cochran, co-founder of Launching Labs Marketing, told DMN that the company also has to overcome the perception of distrust.

Marketers’ Favorite Social Media Tools

On average, content marketers use 17 tools to help them do their job. And with more than 5,000 tools available, it can be overwhelming to know what tool is the best for your team and your marketing goals.

When it comes to social media, the right tools can make a huge difference in the time saved, analytics uncovered, audience engagement and much more.

Amazon Go Storms the Retail Barricades by David Pring-Mill

In DMNews, David Pring-Mill talks about Amazon Go stores, acceptance and branding.

Amazon Go store

“Branding and consistency will be key,” said Mary Cochran, co-founder of Launching Labs Marketing. “Products will have to be recognizable through other branding, marketing, and packaging efforts from both web and on-shelf presence. Good branding will enable customers to grab and go without research, or thinking too hard.”